Bow Hunting

Bow hunting has become more and more popular for some very obvious reasons. One reason being that it is one of the longest hunting seasons of the year. Also, better equipment has made it possible for even the most amateur of bow hunters to accurately shoot and hunt in a short amount of time. If you are interested in bow hunting your first step is to find the right equipment.

Buying a bow is pretty much based on your personal preference. You need to find a bow that you can draw easily and that is comfortable. Also, do some research on the most reliable brands that fit your budget. Most hunters today use a compound bow. Compound bows when fully drawn do not require as much strength to hold in that drawn position. This is extremely useful when hunting as you may be required to hold your bow fully drawn for a long period of time in order to effectively shoot your game.

Another important aspect of choosing the right bow is the draw weight. It is good to choose a bow with a heavy draw weight, however don’t get more than you can handle. Drawing the bow shouldn’t be too difficult as this is not physically good for your body. Draw weight is adjustable within about a 10 lb range. So buying a bow with a maximum 60 lb draw weight can be adjusted to have between 50 to 60 lb draw weight. The ideal draw weight for you would depend on what you are hunting and how much you can handle. On average for women and younger men between 40 and 50 lbs is typical. For the average adult male, 60 lbs is average.

Draw length is also an important factor when choosing a bow. To measure your draw length, stretch out your arms and measure the distance from the tip of one middle finger to the other. Divide by 2.5 and this is a rough estimation of your draw length. It is important not to get a bow that can’t adjust to your proper draw length. Shooting with a greater length than you should results in less accuracy. Shooting with less draw length than you need can result in a loss of speed and power.