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RealBark Hunting Systems, Inc. GBX-6 Blind

Hunters are skeptics. That’s just the way it is. Give them something that doesn’t meet their demands and they will quickly label it a gimmick. On the flip side, give them something that meets and … [Read More...]


RealBark Hunting Systems’ GBX blinds offer ultimate mobility with tower blinds

Tree stands offer the advantage of elevation and improved visibility over ground hunting. A disadvantage is their fixed position. Once hung in the tree moving them requires disassembly and … [Read More...]


RealBark – GBX-6 Introduction

RealBark® makes a full line of tower blinds; however it’s most versatile blind is the GBX-6 Gun/Bow Extreme.  The GBX-6 is the answer for hunters that are seeking a blind that can be effectively … [Read More...]

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The Long Arm of the Law Offers More Than a Bit of Hunting Humor!

When it comes to the hunting and angling ‘laws’ of this country, there are some truly ridiculous rules on the ‘books’ that not only make people laugh, but also make absolutely no sense no … [Read More...]

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Firminator Food Plot Implement Was ‘Love At First Sight’ For Company Founder

Remember that Remington commercial from the 80s where Victor Kiam said "I liked the shaver so much, I bought the company"? "Well, that's sort of the way it worked for us with the Firminator," … [Read More...]


Scouting Cameras For All Walks Of Life

Although scouting cameras have a strong hunting pedigree, and while Covert Scouting Cameras will certainly capture images of big bucks and bulls, their uses aren’t restricted to the hunting crowd. … [Read More...]


DR RapidFire Log Splitter

You know you have a winner when satisfied customers eagerly share their experiences with a new product. That’s what’s happening with the DR Power RapidFire Log Splitter. The reasons why are … [Read More...]

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