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How Do You Prepare Yourself Psychologically For A Fight?

December 1, 2012
No one is ready for a fight, no matter what they may say or how they boast that they are ready. Though fighting is not something that you should do on a regular basis, there are some cases in which a fight is not something that can be avoided. For those individuals that are

How To Do A 360 On Skis

December 2, 2012
If you’re tired of plain, old skiing and feel you’ve mastered the art then you may want to consider stunt skiing. It’s a viable alternative to snowboarding and uses a lot of the same techniques you’ve learned in downhill skiing. It’s a great way to impress your friends and family while having fun and

How To Throw A Shot Put

Shot put is a field sport. It was one of the sports featured in the first modern Summer Olympic Games in 1896 with women’s competition being added to the Games in 1948. It remains an Olympic event today as well as a track and field event at lower levels of competition. It involves throwing,

Boxing How To Throw A Jab

Though it always looks so easy in the movies, throwing a jab with the correct posture and form is not as simple as it seems. Not doing it effectively can result in you being slammed to the mat. you are interested in boxing, one of the most important moves you can make is a

How To Do A Loop Jump

Loop jump is usually performed on the edge. The name arises because the hooking motion of the skate makes the takeoff edge seem slightly pre-rotated when jumping over ice. Loop jump is also known as Rittberger in Europe, where the jump is credited to its inventor, Werner Rittberger. Although a loop jump is executed

How Can I Keep My Baseball Glove Looking And Feeling Like New?

Whether a person to be a professional baseball player, on a Little League baseball team, or just a person that likes to play baseball as a hobby, it is a good idea to learn how to keep a baseball glove in good condition. When it comes to baseball gloves it is important for a

How To Improve With Shot Put Drills

Setting personal records with a shot put comes from the combination of inherent brute strength, and light-footed launching technique. The tiny circle in which shot putters throw is an area where both force and knowledge can intertwine to create a throw. The shot put throw that is both strong and slick will accurately represent

How Can I ‘break In’ My New Baseball Glove?

The game of baseball has been popular for many years. Those who play it know that they need an excellent glove to do well in the outfield. In order to have an excellent glove, they should shop around to find the best type and then they will want to make sure that it is

How To Keep Score In Bowling

Opinions differ as to when the first game of bowling was actually played, however, most people will agree that it is recognized as one of the more popular sports in certain corners of the world. This popularity has not made it any easier for players to complete a perfect strike, far less to master

How To Start Jogging

Jogging may be your free ticket to excellent health. It safely and slowly strengthens your cardiovascular system. You make your own schedule and proceed at your own pace. So, let’s get started. You’re about to begin a whole new life of feeling stronger. Exercise does that. Since you’re not working with a fitness trainer,

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